Our Gin Liqueurs

A little bit about them… 

All of our gin liqueurs are hand crafted in small batches from our workshop in Boscombe, Dorset. We steep and macerate the fruit in a London dry gin to create both a full depth of flavour and beautiful rich colour. We use the very best fruits from Dorset and the surrounding areas ranging from the Purbecks round to the New Forest. We strive to keep things local, it is really important to us that our flavour combinations are developed using locally sourced produce. We use the fantastic Dan Tanners Farm at Sopley in the New Forest for a large amount of our fruit, although we do love to pick and forage the fruit ourselves where possible.  

 At Smith & Weston we try to cater for all tastes; our range encompasses established classics such as raspberry and rhubarb and extends to the less familiar hedgerow gems. These delightful and beautifully flavoured gin liqueurs are so versatile that they can be mixed with tonic, fizz, soda or simply sipped on their own with ice, but more than anything they are best enjoyed with family and friends.
We want you to love them like we do. Give them a try.